Join ReachCentrum’s workshop at the Biocides 2014 – 17th Annual Conference on Biocides

On the last day of the 17th Annual Conference on Biocides (Vienna, December 10-12) organized by the European Biocides Information Network, ReachCentrum will host a Workshop on BiocideBiocide ReachCentrums and Electronic Submission Tools. With the introduction of mandatory electronic data submission under the Biocidal Product Regulation, many companies are facing the IUCLID data management software and R4BP biocides IT system for the first time. For those new to the information systems, or those that are lost, our Training Manager Rita Sookrit will conduct a workshop describing:

  • the basic structure of both systems;
  • options for preparing and organising data;
  • how to generate a Summary of Product Characteristics;
  • what to do if you get stuck, top tips for smooth data entry and what guidance is available;
  • special considerations, such a reporting nano data, linking to C&L relevant information; and
  • how to confirm successful submissions.

The workshop will be followed by a second one on R4BP 3.2 and the SPC editor conducted by Jan Weber, from the European Chemicals Agency.

For more information about ReachCentrum training and workshop programme visit our dedicated section. For details about the 17th Annual Conference on Biocides in Vienna please visit the related website.

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