AoA by ReachCentrum and ERM among the ECHA good examples of AoA and SEA for REACH Authorisation

ECHA, Euroopan kemikaalivirasto. Kuvattu tullilaboratoriossa. Kuvaan on luovutettu laajat käyttöoikeudet. Photo: Lauri Rotko, tel. +358442666781,

A downstream user Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), result of a combined effort between ReachCentrum and ERM, figures amongst a list of good examples recently published by ECHA.

The examples illustrate different practices of how applications for authorisation under REACH have been prepared. The analysis, submitted by DOMO Caproleuna GmbH for Trichloroethylene, represents an example of a downstream user analysis of alternatives.

ECHA summarizes the Analysis as follows: … applicant provides a concise summary of substance function based on a series of technical criteria. The assessment of the technical feasibility of alternative substances is then assessed against these criteria. The methodology and data used for the assessment of economic feasibility are set out. Conclusions are linked to the analysis and the applicant makes good use of summary tables.

The list of examples of socio-economic analyses and analyses of alternatives is available from ECHA’s website.

Under REACH Authorisation of chemical substances, Analysis of Alternatives aims to demonstrate that no alternative is appropriate, technically and economically feasible, less risky and available. All applications for Authorisation must include an analysis of alternatives.

Since ReachCentrum’s acquisition in June 2015, ReachCentrum and ERM have combined their technical and management expertise to support industry under REACH Authorisation. Services include Regulatory advice, Strategic planning, Communication facilitation (supply chain, data access), Application for Authorisation and Review of documents, Analysis of Alternatives and Socio Economic Analysis, and  also  setting up interest groups, taskforces and consortia to serve a common goal for Registration and Evaluation, and  Authorisation. For further information, contact Cornelia Tietz at and visit ReachCentrum’s website at

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