Data sharing activities EU-South Korea – challenges addressed

Banner_EU_SKData sharing activities with South Korean companies were the focus of discussions held during a recent meeting between officials from South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) and representatives of EU companies. The MoE is the Ministry responsible for implementing the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals, so called Korea REACH.

Willi Muenninghoff, Project Manager and lead for global activities in ReachCentrum, attended the meeting and contributed to the discussions by underlining the importance of sharing data that is already available and used in the EU. Data sharing will avoid the need for additional animal testing, will be cost-effective for Korean companies and will safeguard the work done for EU dossiers.93 of the 510 priority existing chemicals that must be registered by June 2018, are managed by 44 different EU consortia working with ReachCentrum. A data brokerage platform was launched last year to facilitate the sharing of available endpoint-related data between the data owner and South Korea. Known as the ReachCentrum Data Brokerage Platform, the platform enables owners of data (companies or consortia) to sell the right to refer to the data to parties registering substances under Korea REACH. Shared data can take form of Studies, Robust Studies Summaries and Chemical Safety Reports.

ReachCentrum is currently updating the platform to enable global data sharing with a user-friendly experience. Additionally, following the successful EU example, an LoA shop will be launched after the summer break.

For further information about the Data sharing meeting, please read the ChemicalWatch article 

For further information on Data Brokerage and ReachCentrum Global activites, please contact Willi Muenninghoff at or +32.2.6767498

Data Brokerage is available at 

About ReachCentrum

ReachCentrum assists companies with EU REACH implementation for dossier preparation and support through evaluation and authorisation, and works to promote joint submission for product families under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) with same active ingredients. ReachCentrum works with clients towards compliance with Korea REACH as well as other REACH-like jurisdictions, promotion of Global Data sharing activities.


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